Travel Advice in Sydney & NSW

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Whether it is getting ideas for Sydney day trips or longer vacations within New South Wales, I can save you time and hopefully even some money. You won’t need to spend all your time researching where to go next as I am here to help.

We will discuss what it is you enjoy/ want to do whilst in Australia and I can then provide assistance with suggested itineraries and all my Local tips and advice. I can also be contactable whilst you are visiting here and help with suggestions on where to go or eat next if you prefer to be more flexible on your holidays.

What are the must visit beaches? (not just the touristy ones) What is the best way to get there? Which restaurants do the best steak or seafood? Where can I learn to surf? What wines should I try whilst in Australia? etc etc. I have been there and done it (twice sometimes) and would love you to have the same amazing experience of Australia too.

Knowledge Areas: I have loved being a long term Tourist here and have travelled extensively around Sydney I am originally from the UK but have lived in Sydney for over 8 years having recently became an Australian citizen. Whilst that doesn’t make me a ‘true’ Local rural NSW and almost all of Australia during this time. I know all the must visit places the best spots to grab some food or just relax with a coffee.

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Location: Sydney, New South Wales,


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